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Roman-era London wall that dates back 1,800 years is now open to the public.

A historic part of the London City Wall has been unveiled for the first time (Image: Urbanest)

Calling all history and archaeology buffs: a ridiculously old piece of brick that was once part of the original London City Wall has been unveiled to the public for the first time. With the wall standing more than 1,800 years ago, you can uncover a unique piece of history.

And if you don’t think that’s amazing, consider that this piece of the London wall has withstood some of the city’s most critical events. It outlasted the Roman Empire, the Plague, the Great Fire of London, and the Blitz combined.

The wall had been maintained in the basement of an office block for 40 years before being discovered buried beneath Emperor House on Vine Street for decades. However, Emperor House was razed in 2018 and replaced with a new structure that houses a free exhibition centred on the roughly 2,000-year-old relic.

A team of archaeologists discovered it in 1979, together with a previously unknown Roman bastion – the only Roman bastion visible in London. The City Wall has now been designated as a Scheduled Monument.

The display was created in conjunction with Historic England, Urbanest, the City of London Corporation, and the Museum of London, and members of the public can marvel at Roman objects discovered around Vine Street, courtesy of the Museum. And the best part is that the tickets are completely free.

All you have to do is choose a date and then a time, as early booking is required. Each slot will last 30 minutes.

Here’s how to get there. 
Address : 12 Jewry Street, London, EC3N 2HT

The exhibition is closest to Aldgate station, however it is also accessible via Tower Hill, Tower Gateway (DLR), and Fenchurch Street. More lodging possibilities can be found at Booking.com and Hotels.com. Trainline allows you to purchase UK and European trains, including affordable Eurostar tickets.

Tickets for the Vine Street City Wall can be purchased here.

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