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This New Free Pub-Finder App Assists You In Finding The Ideal Pub For Whatever You Need

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‘Which pub shall we go to?’ is a question that many Londoners face. With so many watering establishments to select from in this city, it’s no surprise that this is a problem, but the new app ‘Pub Club‘ tries to solve this. The free app is at your disposal to help you choose the perfect bar for any occasion.

Pub Club App is now available to download

The app was created last year when two ‘new-to-London‘ friends (now Pub Club co-founders) Tom Ireland-Life and Freddie Bermingham faced the same problem; it was a gloomy November Sunday morning and they were looking for the perfect pub to have a Sunday roast that had sofas, a fireplace, and, of course, Sky Sports to watch the football on. However, after countless Google searches, they came to a halt, but they were determined to find a better way to find the perfect bar. As a result, Pub Club was established.

How does Pub Club work?

The in-app filters allow you to easily select your desired pub attributes, which will provide a list of pubs that the app believes are the best fit. The categories include price, music, atmosphere, activities, viewings, wheelchair accessible, beer garden availability, and cocktail offers to help you find the perfect pub for your event. The app’s handy little map view allows you to explore the listed pubs on the app, which has already listed over 350 pubs in South and West London since its launch, with the founders aiming to cover around 2,000 pubs across London by the end of the year, with further UK coverage the following year.

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The app also has a section called ‘The Chalkboard’ where bars in your area can advertise events like live music, comedy nights, pub quizzes, and drink specials. The apps assist bar owners in marketing their establishments, meals, and entertainment to both regulars and prospective customers. Customers may score the pubs they visit and share their best recommendations with friends online, while pubs can measure the number of views their pub receives via the app and respond to customer reviews. Pub Club exists to improve the pub-going experience.

Pub Club co-founder Tom says, “the British pub scene has suffered a great deal recently due to the pandemic; 150 pubs in England and Wales permanently closed within the first few months of 2023. We are hoping that Pub Club helps not only punters but the industry itself by providing a new way to put cash in the till for both chain-based and independent pubs.”

Pub Club is launching an inaugural ‘Golden Ticket’ campaign in July that will run throughout the summer. App users who check into pubs between July and the end of September by scanning the bar-side QR codes will be entered to win an alluring £100 bar credit, which sounds extremely tempting. Pub Club intends to expand its capabilities in the future to include expertly selected bar crawls and a convenient table booking function, all seamlessly integrated into the app’s user-friendly design.

The app is free to download and use for pub-goers, download Pub Club app here.

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